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Equal Opportunity Cell

The Equal Opportunity Cell was established to address the issues related to staff & students belonging to Schedule Caste/Schedule Tribe, Other Backward Caste, minorities and Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) on a continual basis. The main objective of the Equal Opportunity Cell is to help and empower the persons with disabilities, students to participate fully in the academic, intellectual, social and cultural life of College on an equal basis.

To promote diversity and inclusive practices on the campus & provide the disadvantaged groups with adequate opportunities.
To ensure a barrier free access to all buildings of Colleges, Departments, Libraries, Hostels and offices .
To provide counselling for psychological support and fulfill the needs of PWDs in all categories including Visual, Hearing, Orthopedic, Neurological etc.
To examine all possible ways in which the SC/ ST, OBC and minority groups & PWD could be helped.
To ensure that there is no discrimination in the University on grounds of disability or minority status.



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