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Student Zone - Overview

Student Life

Students will have teachers as mentors, for pastoral care matters, for study management, goal setting activities and career guidance. Students experiencing difficulties associated with health issues, and personal matters will be free to discuss such problems with their teacher, but may also be referred to the Director of Studies or the Director of Education and Student Services or a relevant, external experienced counselor when necessary.
Involvement in student activities, clubs, organizations and leadership programs is important for forging a connection between academic and student life.

Student life at SBIIMS strengthens students' socialization skills and offers an opportunity for students to make new friends and share common interests with other students.

Students are encouraged to become actively involved in this aspect of university life.

A big part of your life as a student will be the people you meet and the friendships you’ll make. We know you will be working hard, so it’s important that you also make time to relax and socialize. Our Students’ Union and fantastic student facilities make this easy. We have listed just some of things you can get involved in.

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